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What if the secret tribe of motherhood is only secret because it has not let its voice be heard? Ever heard a mom say something like, "When you're a mother, you just know"? In A Thousand Small: Poems from the Early Years of Motherhood, the secrets reserved for motherhood are revealed to those willing to listen. From the hauntingly surreal miracle of birth Into the world of sleepless nights, screaming infants in grocery stores, and babbling explications of toddler theology, this poetry collection celebrates the beauty and the tumult of mothering through the lens of a mother working through postpartum depression.


“From experience, motherhood undulates between overwhelm and enlightenment. Her poetry in A Thousand Small breathes life into the lull between waves and allows us to meditate on the maternal condition.” Sara C., D.O.

A Thousand Small: Poems from Early Motherhood

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